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Nedjelja, 15 Siječanj 2006

Premantura is a small fishermen's village at the very tip of the Istrian peninsula, near the Nature Park Cape Kamenjak. The Centre is located in the Camping Village Stupice, on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula, and is therefore open to the most frequent winds blowing in this area, and these are bura, burin, jugo and maestral.


The most favourable months for those that ride funboards are certainly the spring and autumn months when the frequency of windy days is greatest (statistically 65% of the days). The most favourable months to begin learning how to windsurf are the summer months when the air and water are warmest and the most frequent wind is maestral.


Finally, the strongest winds are from the NNE-SSE quadrant, meaning that if you should experience any equipment malfunction at sea, the wind can push you only towards the shore, which is an added element of safety.

Nedjelja, 15 Siječanj 2006

Medulin is a tourist resort on the east side of the Istrian peninsula, a few kilometers north of Premantura.


The Centre is out on the beach in front of the autocamp "Medulin". All wind characteristics are the same as for Premantura.


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