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The spots
The spots
Subota, 28 Siječanj 2006


Premantura is the southernmost village of the Istrian peninsula and is therefore open to absolutely all the winds that blow in the northern Adriatic.


It has already been said that our Centre lays open to the two most important winds, the bura (NNE-ENE) and the jugo (ESE-S). Stupice allow access to both winds and let you choose the conditions in which you want to sail.


In Premantura you can sail in both winds from flatwater, to bump and jump and wave conditions. All of this is located at maximum 2 km distance.


Pomer is a small village located between Medulin and Premantura set in a big bay that cuts so deep into the land it resembles a lake, and those who are not used to open sea conditions may want to use this spot.


Conditions here are very good for those who have begun planing, the funboarders and the freestylers.


Medulin is a great spot for jugo and all southern winds because they directly blow into the Bjeca bay. This spot is really safe because the wind and the waves blow into the bay and the bottom is sandy.


This is a spot recommended to all the beginners in any wind (half of the bay is closed off by a sandbank and therefore there are no waves behind the sandbank and the bottom is shallow and sandy). Also, many of the experienced surfers like this spot for the distance between the waves, the shape of the waves, easy access and safety.


The bay of Kuj is totally open to bura and this says it all about this spot. The more wind there is the more wave you got. All those who like brutal on shore conditions like this spot.


The only downfall of this spot (and not everybody will necessarily agree with me) is that bura here is less strong than in Premantura or Medulin.


As already mentioned, the southern part of Istria is exposed to absolutely all the winds blowing in the northern Adriatic and as such it is great for all types of windsurfing, and all of the spots are within a range of 15 km. If you happen to notice that there is some wind at the place where you are staying but the conditions on the water are not perfect contact us and we shall be happy to point out the best spot for you.


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