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Subota, 28 Veljača 2009



Kayak excursions are organised for groups.

Departure is from A.C.STUPICE in Premantura and it is always at 10:00 a.m.

The kayak excursion price includes:
- the rental of a kayak
- a water-resistant box
- snorkelling equipment
- safety equipment
- fruit, an energy bar, water
- a meal (offered only in full day excursions).

- departure from A.C. Stupice
- stopping when desired and/or necessary at locations within the nature park Cape Kamenjak and on the islands which are passed along the way
- a stop at the island of Fenoliga (dinosaur footprints preserved in the rocks of the island)
- a meal at the Safari bar
- snorkelling stop in the Velika Kolumbarica cave on the way back

- returning to A.C. Stupice

-price 350 kn



Kayak 1 Single Kayak 2 Double
1 hr 40,00 HRK 1 hr 60,00 HRK
2 hrs 70,00 HRK 2 hrs 100,00 HRK
4 hrs 100,00 HRK 4 hrs 150,00 HRK
8 hrs 150,00 HRK 8 hrs 200,00 HRK

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